Rhino Protection

Rhinoceros protection is symbolic of our beliefs while providing inspiration and vision for our organization. For, just as we work hard to build an organization that will stand the test of time, Rhyno Equity Group will continue to play a role in bolstering wildlife preservation efforts well into the future.
The International Rhino Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of the five living species of rhinoceros through conservation and research. IRF funds and operates programs in Asia and Africa, concentrating on the species most in need of, and most appropriate for, intensive protection and management.

For 30 years, the International Rhino Foundation has worked with local communities to protect the world’s five remaining species of rhinos. All five species are in peril – from poaching, habitat loss, and geographic isolation. Each species faces different threats and IRF’s programs are tailored to address those unique needs.

Rhinos are one of the world’s most iconic animals, but today they’re facing two huge threats: poaching and habitat loss. Black rhinos, Javan rhinos and Sumatran rhinos are all at extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Here’s how Save the Rhino is working to conserve these incredible animals:

Protecting rhinos – At the heart of Save the Rhino’s work is protecting rhinos: supporting the rangers that work every day to stop poaching through better equipment, training and resources Tackling illegal trade – Stopping the illegal demand for rhino horn is essential. Save the Rhino collaborates with partners to reduce demand for illegal horn and improve enforcement to stop illegal trafficking Engaging communities – In partnership with people living near rhinos, Save the Rhino funds projects that improve rhino conservation, so that everyone is inspired to protect rhinos for the future Bringing experts together – Using its global network Save the Rhino brings people together to share ideas and collaborate, building capacity and improving effectiveness

Save the Rhino’s vision is a world where all five rhino species thrive in the wild. At Rhyno Equity Group, we’re supporting Save the Rhino to reach their goal and secure a future for rhinos across the world.