Investment Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Rhyno currently invests in companies within the North American manufacturing industries. This sector is a natural fit for the skillset and experience of the partners. Also, our geographic location in Southern Ontario and the retirement of the Baby-Boomer generation creates an ideal niche market. We seek and acquire highly synergistic companies that provide high-value goods to the premium and mid-quality construction and home improvement sectors. This strategy allows us to cross-pollinate sales relationships, growing geographic market reach while strengthening the operations of all companies.

Our Story

Rhyno Equity Group is a parent company that owns the controlling stake in its subsidiary companies. We are a corporation that grows organically through the active management of our existing portfolio companies, but also through the acquisition of new companies. Our strategy maintains both brand and operational independence of newly acquired companies within our portfolio while taking advantage of group synergies. Our long-term plans are to provide favorable returns and timely exits for our investors while continuing to own and operate our portfolio companies into the future.


Brand Equity Strengthening, Currency Diversification, Full-Spectrum Construction Product Offering, Geographical Cross-Selling, Integrated Clientele Opportunities, Portfolio Stabilization & Risk Diversification, Advisory Bench Strengthening, Logistics & Warehousing Cost Savings, Purchasing Power, Shared Services

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