Rhyno Equity Group assists owners in recognizing opportunities for personal freedom, facilitates comfortable and fair transitions, and assures successful futures for companies. Our group was formed in 2012, driven by a desire to crystalize the legacy of strong companies.

The Rhyno Team has the credentials, experience, and leadership to follow through. With backgrounds spanning Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Engineering, we understand what drives success and use proven strategies to propel companies forward.

We continuously search for synergistic relationships and vertical integrations within our portfolio, enabling us to compete as a larger and stronger group.

Your Company

You can be confident in Rhyno’s approach and our ability to keep your company healthy and thriving. Your employees have contributed to your success, and recognizing their value is an important part of our approach. We also recognize that you have built strong bonds with your clients, and maintaining these relationships is vital. Finally, be assured that your company will never stand alone; we have the strength of our portfolio to back it up.

“It’s time for the future you’ve always envisioned…”

“This is the right time to sell.”

Your Future

Whether it is a lifestyle change, spending more time with friends and family, or moving on to another adventure, we acknowledge your dedication and feel that you should be paid an equitable price for your company. Rhyno Equity Group is flexible throughout the transition period, striking a balance between the needs of the owners and those of the company. We are always fair in our valuation system and often incorporate incentives.

Rhyno Equity is a company with integrity and you can have confidence that we genuinely care about protecting your future. It’s time for the future you’ve always envisioned…

The Transition

We approach negotiations in good faith. Our acquisition process is efficient and we proceed with discretion throughout the transaction, so that all parties involved are comfortable at each step. Rhyno Equity Group strives for a lasting relationship with the owners so they can be rest assured about their company is landing in capable hands.

In the relative stability of the current economic environment, business owners will be able to capitalize on a greater valuation than in recent years. As the Baby-Boomer generation moves into retirement, the market will shift in favour of the buyer.