Rhyno Equity Group was founded in 2012 by a group of business professionals passionate about building a formidable company that could stand the test of time. Our team has over 55 years of combined experience encompassing Finance, Engineering, Sales Management, Marketing and Design. We are business owners. We take pride in understanding each facet of our companies and have a wealth of new ideas. This allows us to closely monitor each asset and to personally ensure success.

Our Targets

Currently, our target companies are typically in manufacturing in North America.  We seek opportunities with a diverse customer base, possible synergies with other portfolio companies, long standing history, and good industry reputation. 


The entrepreneurial Baby Boomers that dedicated their lives to their companies are looking for someone to carry the torch and preserve the legacy of their life’s work. Rhyno team members have complimentary skill sets that cover the entire spectrum of what is required to successfully own, operate, and grow businesses. We’d like to provide an opportunity for investors to be a part of a journey that will yield solid, reliable returns and any perks our portfolio has to offer.

“entrepreneurial baby boomers that dedicated their lives to their companies are looking for someone to carry the torch”

Our Portfolio

We work hard to continuously bring high quality companies to our network of sophisticated investors, striking balanced deals where we are all aligned. Enquire with a partner about our latest Target Investments. Rhyno’s portfolio is gaining momentum and our Investors are enjoying the security of Rhyno being directly involved while benefiting greatly from their contribution.